mindful.org記事 2/3:あなたのマインドセットは硬直していますか?




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Is Your Mindset Fixed? あなたのマインドセットは硬直していますか?

The questions express underlying mindsets, our implicit, and often non-conscious views we hold about the world. The first set of questions express a view of fixed mindset and easily downshifts to a judgmental, critical, self-oriented view of the world. According to the fixed mindset, talent, intelligence, wealth, power or love are in-born and predetermined. You have it or you don’t. If you win, I lose.


So if you have it, then you must constantly defend it because it is under threat from others who might take it or be better than you. Failure is to be avoided, so risk-taking becomes verboten, which leads to a dearth of learning. In time, comes stagnation.


A fixed-mindset boss has conditioned his people to not challenge his delicate ego. They expend enormous energy avoiding the minefield of his reactive emotions. In this tense environment, there’s little resource left for flourishing. People who succumb to fixed mindset spend considerable energy defending their position, image or identity.


They create narcissistic environments where attention is focused on preserving their self-image rather than producing the best possible outcome. Life becomes a tense game of survival.


Effort and feedback are in a continual dialogue. From this, possibilities emerge that were unseen at the outset. A new future can be created.


The second set of questions express a view that resources can be grown. This approach is oriented toward curiosity, engagement and connection. Here, talents can be fostered, compatibility can be enhanced. Learning and effort trump innate talent and ego. Effort and feedback are in a continual dialogue. From this, possibilities emerge that were unseen at the outset. A new future can be created.